The Way To Live Your Best Life In A Slip Dress In The Year 2020

It does not take year 2020, but when looking at slip dresses, it might as well be 1995, as the trend is going strong - just like strong as it was when Jennifer Aniston was wearing those slinky, sultry little numbers as Rachel Green on Friends and, obviously, around the red carpet.

While you can find commonly precisely the slip dress which make it seem fit for the bedroom - romantic lace and spaghetti-thin straps, to name a couple of - the boudoir mood can be channeled in the streets, and there are numerous solutions to do it. A slip dress is lightweight enough to layer, and one of the only wardrobe staples that appears similar in results with a chunky knit or floor-length coat since it does more than a ribbed turtleneck or perhaps your favorite long sleeve.

It's also one of those night out go-to basics that could simply be worn for work underneath an oversize blazer during the day - and now we know there isn't lots of versatile items like that with your closet! Ahead, we're deteriorating everything there is to know of a slip clothe themselves with its most recognizable iteration, plus offering you prime styling tips, with some of our own favorite shopping options in case you are have less stock.

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